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Explore balance, fitness and relaxation

The Yoga Loft.

YOGA for EVERY body!

Beginner Positive; Fitness; and Ying Yoga with Shannon

This class is designed for all body types from the new to yoga or the more experienced. Come stretch strengthen and relax in this welcoming atmosphere.

Rebalancing and Ying Yang Yoga with Nicole

Connect the postures for a gentle flowing class with sun salutes, yoga poses, and stretches offering modifications with props. Suitable for beginners.

Gentle and Chair Yoga with Petra

Petra didn’t start doing yoga until she was 50 years old. She found over the years that the more yoga she did, the better she felt and she continued to learn from local teachers. At age 58 Petra was inspired to share her love of yoga and its benefits with others, so she attended a 200-hour yoga teacher training program and started to offer gentle yoga classes at the Smithers Yoga Loft. She is a firm believer that yoga can improve anyone’s health and well-being at any stage of life, but is particularly focussed on increasing and maintaining mobility as we age.

Yoga with Shannon Rue


My Yoga practice has ebbed and flowed and, at times, been has abandoned completely during my life.  It waits patiently for me to return, every time. It’s here when I’m stiff and sore from years of pushing my body past it’s limits, when I’m grieving, when I’m anxious or stressed, when I’m filled to the brim with the joy of life, all of it.  I invite you to join me as we get out of our head and into our body through movement and stillness. Your practice is waiting for you too.

When I’m not in the studio you can find me playing in the mountains, chasing my kids or offering counselling + massage + hypnotherapy.

Sound Bath with Mya

Enjoy a soothing and relaxing class consisting of gentle yoga movements, inspiration, breathing techniques and guided relaxation followed by the mesmerizing sounds and vibrations of 7 Alchemy Crystal singing bowls.
Enjoy the Relaxation of Salt Float Therapy - Earth Escape
Float Therapy has been used for a variety of reasons, both anecdotal and scientifically backed for:

Stress reduction; Anxiety relief; Sports Recovery; Pain Relief; To Promote Relaxation; Reduce Headaches; Increased Circulation; and For More Restful Sleep.