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Explore balance, fitness and relaxation

The Yoga Loft.

YOGA for EVERY body!

Beginner Positive; Fitness; and Chair Yoga with Shannon

This class is designed for all body types from the new to yoga or the more experienced. Come stretch strengthen and relax in this welcoming atmosphere.

Rebalancing and Ying Yang Yoga with Nicole

Connect the postures for a gentle flowing class with sun salutes, yoga poses, and stretches offering modifications with props. Suitable for beginners.

Chill Yoga with Petra

Gentle Yoga moves at a slow and steady pace to increase flexibility, maintain joint health and range of motion. We will work our way through yoga postures and sequences to slowly open tight areas and gradually increase strength and mobility. Suitable for all levels, including beginners.

Slow Time; Revitalized; and Yin Yoga with Émilie

 Émilie studied Physical Education at University Laval in Québec city. She is also a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor and has a background as circus instructor. She completed her 200h yoga training in multi-style in Dharamsala, India.  With a wide field of interests, she found her balance through fitness, yoga, outdoor, writing, reading and arts.  She truly believes the importance of being fit physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She leads each of her students from where they start and help them to stretch toward their best version of them self.

Sound Bath with Mya

Enjoy a soothing and relaxing class consisting of gentle yoga movements, inspiration, breathing techniques and guided relaxation followed by the mesmerizing sounds and vibrations of 7 Alchemy Crystal singing bowls.
Enjoy the Relaxation of Salt Float Therapy - Earth Escape
Float Therapy has been used for a variety of reasons, both anecdotal and scientifically backed for:

Stress reduction; Anxiety relief; Sports Recovery; Pain Relief; To Promote Relaxation; Reduce Headaches; Increased Circulation; and For More Restful Sleep.